Recycling & Solid Waste

Open First & Third Saturdays 8 - 11 am ONLY!
Please No Entry At Other Times
Electronics Recycling
Pallets of old electronics headed for reconditioning or recycling.!

Big Trash A Big Success!

Thank you volunteers and recycling partners! The 2023 Special Waste Collection was a huge success -- (tap headline to read more)


Battery Recycling Charges Ahead!

West Fairlee got a surprised and delighted "WOW!" from the Solid Waste District's Recycling Outreach Coordinator, Ham Gillett: "Wow, there were a lot of batteries! I took them all and had to steal one of the empty kitty litter boxes for overflow. It looks like residents have discovered the battery drop-off!" (tap headline to read more)

Recycling Center Improvements

Nate Pero helping out at the Recycling Center; Food Scrap collection has moved; and Textile Recycling will be added soon -- (click headline to read the article...)

What NOT to Recycle

A recycling symbol doesn’t necessarily mean that an item is recyclable.

It’s confusing. It’s frustrating, but it’s true. Manufacturers add the symbol to their products in order to sell them. It’s called “greenwashing” (click headline to continue to list of non-recyclable items)......