2023 Grievance Hearings Scheduled

"Change of Appraisal" notices reflecting revisions to West Fairlee property values will be mailed to the owner(s) of record (as of April 1st, 2021) on June 1st. Each year we look at properties with ongoing construction, upgrades to the structures, or properties that have not been reviewed in recent years. Per Act 68, we are required to keep each property in town as close to market value as possible.

Information sessions will be held Saturday June 9 from 2-4 pm. We encourage you to review your property card information with us and to ask questions at this time.   Anyone can access their property card at any time through our tax map system:  https://next.axisgis.com/West_FairleeVT/  Correct information is the key to an equitable Grand List. Any property owner may inquire about their values.  Please make an appointment.

Public grievance hearings will be on Monday June 19th by appointment.  We recommend you come to an information session before grieving.  The grievance hearing appointment may be withdrawn if the property owner feels that the information session satisfied their concerns.

To schedule your appointment for an information session and/or a grievance hearing call the Town Clerk at 802-333-9696.

All of this information -- session and hearing dates and how to schedule the required appointment -- will be included with the Change of Appraisal notice. There is a form provided in the notice that is required for a grievance hearing. Plan to send this form to us prior to your appointment. You may email your request to lister@westfairleevt.gov. If you wish to mail your grievance request form, keep in mind it may take up to 10 days, so please mail the form early.