UPDATE: Bean Hall Revitalization - Studies, Estimates & Resources

Recently, there has been a resurgent interest in exploring the revitalization of Bean Hall.  Before and since the building was shuttered in 2008 due to structural deficiencies, a series of citizen committees have explored mixed and sustainable uses for the building; undertaken studies and evaluations by outside groups; and solicited estimates for necessary renovations.  Their work may provide a helpful jump start for a renewed effort.

In April 2023, an update of a 2006 Preservation Trust of Vermont Conditions Assessment was completed based on a December 2022 site visit.  The updated report, performed by Ryan Edwards of R. Edwards & Co. Architects & Designers and funded through a Robert Sincerbeaux Grant from Preservation Trust of Vermont, appears in the documents below.

At the outset, it is essential to understand that the Vermont Fire Marshal and the Town's municipal insurer will not allow occupancy of any portion of the building until ALL of the structural issues identified in the Engineer's Report have been addressed.

Be aware that the estimates in the document links below are not "apples to apples" comparisons -- they were solicited at different times for different objectives. The Engineer's estimate contains only structural repairs. Another estimate contains structural repairs, limited interior renovations, but no exterior upgrades. A third, contains the full scope of structural repairs, some interior renovations, as well as energy conserving upgrades to the building's envelope - windows, insulation, siding, and roof.   Despite the lack of uniformity, the estimates as a whole provide an accurate sketch of the scope and complexity of the project.  

Periodically, the Selectboard and local study committees have brought in outside consultants to help explore potential uses of Bean Hall and formulate a sustainable plan. In 2014, grant-funded community visioning sessions and a design “charette” with a landscape architect explored alternatives for revitalizing the village center.  Most recently, the West Fairlee Historical Society (WFHS) asked to explore and build upon suggestions raised in the 2017 Tuck School of Business Study. (Because WFHS is a private organization not subject to Vermont's Open Meeting Law, a simple Memo of Understanding (MOU) was required).

A variety of related reports and estimates are included in the links below. Larger reports like the full Engineer's Assessment, the entire Tuck School Study, four architect renderings from the 2014 visioning charette, and Historic Preservation Assessment (a 2022 update is underway) are available on request.