Annual Report for Calendar Year 2023

The Cemetery Commission had one plot purchased this year in the Bloodbrook Cemetery, along with an inurnment.  The commissioners have also installed two sets of cornerstones, one in the Middlebrook Cemetery, and one in the Bloodbrook Cemetery.  There was also a new headstone erected in the Center Cemetery on an existing plot to commemorate a family member.  We received 2 donations totaling $150.00 from generous donors.  We greatly appreciate these donations and use the funds to keep our lovely cemeteries looking as good as possible for the ages of these cemeteries.

Mowing and maintenance costs have remained high, and we will need some tree removals in the Bloodbrook Cemetery this year before damage to the headstones and fence occur.  This will be an expensive project, but one that is very essential.  Even with this added expense, we have only requested $14,000 from the Town for our budget, which is only $1,000 more than last year.

We are fortunate to have a high school volunteer that has been working on cleaning the headstones, starting with the Middlebrook Cemetery.  We purchased a cleaner used by those who clean veterans’ headstones along with the equipment needed to accomplish this task, and it seems to be a good choice.  She is willing to continue this work, making her way to all our cemeteries as time permits.  Thank you so very much for your hard work and diligence!

Once again, we were also able to keep the veterans’ flags up until after Veterans’ Day.  It is our pleasure to honor all our veterans each year.  We also purchased new flags from the American Legion for this purpose, as the flags do take a beating throughout the year. 

We are still searching for someone to help reset and repair headstones in all our cemeteries.  We are also still in the process of repainting the signs for the cemeteries. 

As always, we are always in need of volunteers to help with beautification and cleaning of our cemeteries and headstones.  We welcome everyone to assist with doing so with their own family plots, as well as helping in general at any time.  The general public is always welcome to join our annual meeting in the Spring.


Respectfully submitted,

The West Fairlee Cemetery Commission