Beaver lodge at the north end of Treasure Island

Lake Fairlee Nature Associates Newsletter

As part of their participation on the Treasure Island Exploratory Committee, Dale Gephart of Thetford and Doug Tifft of Fairlee convened an online forum of nature-minded residents in January 2021 to discuss environmental concerns surrounding Lake Fairlee. They were impressed by the expertise and involvement of both trained and amateur citizen scientists in our region.

From this arose the Lake Fairlee Nature Associates newsletter as a means of sharing environmental knowledge and conservation activities within the Lake Fairlee watershed. Coupled with conservation efforts on the northern end of Treasure Island and establishment of a nature center there, they hope this newsletter provides a way for like-minded residents to come together in a bioregional community to enhance awareness of our many natural assets and the need to protect them.

If you would like to be added to the mailing list, email Dale Gephart or Doug Tifft