Planning Commission Seeks Comments on New Town Plan Draft

The West Fairlee Planning Commission announces the release of a Draft 2023-2031 West Fairlee Town Plan and seeks public comment.  This is the first step in the process of adopting the new Town Plan.

This is YOUR Town Plan. While the Plan was largely written by the West Fairlee Planning Commission (that's one of its duties) it was written with the input from other town commissions, officials, services and residents.  The Plan also addresses certain elements required by Vermont State Statute. However, as emphasized in the Plan's Introduction, "It is the responsibility of not only the governing boards and commissions in town but also the citizens who comprise West Fairlee to seek a consensus on the future of our town."

The Plan is comprehensive and detailed.  Please feel free to focus your review and comments on elements of particular concern to you or within your area of expertise.  You will get another "bite of the apple" - another chance to review and comment after this.  Following the Planning Commission Hearing, the PC will make edits and revisions.  They will then pass the new draft on to the Selectboard which will have its own public comment period and hearing before the Plan is finalized and adopted.

How can I comment on the draft Town Plan?

Public Hearings: The Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing at 6 pm on Thursday March 2, 2023 at 6 p.m. Reminders and a Zoom link will be posted here, on the listserv, and in public places around town.

Email: submit your comments to Planning Commission     If possible, please identify page number(s) which correspond to your comment(s)

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