Battery Recycling Charges Ahead!

West Fairlee got a surprised and delighted "WOW!" from the Solid Waste District's Recycling Outreach Coordinator, Ham Gillett: "Wow, there were a lot of batteries! I took them all and had to steal one of the empty kitty litter boxes for overflow. It looks like residents have discovered the battery drop-off!"

Batteries are a recycling success story! Not only are you keeping potentially hazardous materials out of the environment, but you are also conserving natural resources as valuable metals can be recovered and used in new products such as silverware, pots and pans, new batteries, and even golf clubs! So, keep it up West Fairlee!

Battery Safety Kit: Ham also delivered a Battery Safety Kit for the recycling center's shed. By participating in a training program on handling battery incidents, we were able to get this $750+ kit at no cost to the town!

Safety note: Batteries greater than 9volts should be individually bagged or the positive (+) terminals taped.

Button batteries: For ease of handling, please bag your small disc batteries from hearing aids, watches or other small electronic devices. (We have a few recycled, tiny ziplock bags available at the recycling shed).