Recycling Center Improvements

Nate Pero is now helping out at our Recycling Center. His role is to provide information about best recycling practices and assure that the facility runs smoothly.  It is important that our recycling is good quality and not "contaminated" so it stays out of the landfill; and it's a requirement of our State certification.  Thank you, Nate!

In 2021, West Fairlee received a Materials Management Infrastructure grant through the Agency of Natural Resources which enabled us to make several improvements. We focusesd on improving traffic flow through the various recycling stations; security and safety of the collection site; providing signage to improve recycling practices; and increasing our capacity for food scrap collection.  Safety enhancements included installation of safety rails along the berm between recycling containers.

Food Scraps collection moved to the new shed -- again, thanks to Nate! -- you'll transfer scraps for composting into buckets (rather than the large concrete tile).  The household batteries container is also at the shed, and there are a variety of informational brochures available about how to recycle other household waste like paint.
Textiles Recycling! Bins have been added beside the garden shed for recycling clothing, shoes, bedding and other textiles!  Textiles must be dry, but otherwise, condition doesn't matter.  Our partner Helpsy sorts the textiles.  The best are sent on to thrift or on-line resale shops or folks who "up-cycle" used clothing; some become industrial rags; and some is shredded for stuffing, padding, or insulation products.  We will post a list of clothing, accessories, and other textiles that can be recycled soon.