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Town Natural Resources Inventory Completed

West Fairlee's Natural Resource Inventory (NRI) has just been completed by Arrowwood Environmental, a Vermont-based ecological services consultant.   The NRI is a town-wide inventory of our significant natural resources including contiguous habitat, wildlife travel corridors, land  features, and much more.   Arrowwood Environmental has done a super job of collecting, verifying and condensing huge amounts of information The inventory helps establish a baseline of what currently exists and can use it to aid in planning and decision-making as needed in the future.  Most of all, it's a wonderful way to get to know the beauty and significant habitat around us.

The link below connects to the downloadable data files as well as to an interactive online web map.   This online web map will allow you to see the inventory elements in an interactive map, including the natural communities, wildlife habitat features, contiguous habitat units and wildlife travel corridors.